Portrait Drawing “A Wandering Thought”

Charcoal Drawing. A Wandering Thought

© 2013 Elena Esina  ”A Wandering Thought” Charcoal on paper, 11 x 17 inches.


© 2013 Elena Esina
A Wandering Thought.
Charcoal on paper,
11 x 17 inches.

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“Hi your works are beautiful you should notice to art’s masaje value humanity”

“I likes this drawing”

“Excelentes obras de arte.”

“Lovely portrait”

“Nice work !!”

“Ohhhhhhh myyyyy…I feel soooo alive viewing this..hehehehehe….”

“I saw your works these are very strong and beautiful. Be successful”

“Perfect caption to go with fantastic art:)”

“Pretty portrait ”

“I am loving it”

“How come charcoal can make the beautiful art like this….awesome…nice”

“Wonderful portrait Elena!!!!!!!!!”

“A enchanting beauty!”

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“Surprising……..beautiful portrait”

“First impression ……. the expression in/of the eyes!”

” I would love to see what you see i allways thought it was the hardest medium to work with lite and shade Stunning”

“Wonderful rendering.”

“Wonderful drawing!”

“Sensational work Elena!”

“Amazing work Elena!”

“Lovely portrait”

“Beautiful Elena. Good job. I always run into that…to clothe or not to clothe. Nudes are so beautiful though.”

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“A lovely charcoal drawing!”

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“I cherish the art of drawing. I congratulate you for your work. “Beautiful”.”

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