“Permeated with Love.” Charcoal Drawing


Permeated with Love. Charcoal Drawing Artist Elena Esina

“Permeated with Love” Charcoal Drawing 34 x 52 cm (2014)
Artist: Elena Elena

“Permeated with Love.” 2014

Charcoal Drawing

34 x 52 cm

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Facebook comments to this post:)

“This is simply beautiful and full of love….like my poem. Thank you so much for your gift, and for your continued support. ”

“Your charcoal very colourful.you can make very colourful art in one one colour.”

“Once again your skill and talent bring beauty new depth and meaning Elena. Thank you for sharing with us x”

“Она выглядит прекрасным, Elena !
That light effect around her hair… its awesome. And her neck looks wonderful… and of course the eyes…. the eyes express so much even when they are closed.
Wonderful work.. Again, i learnt a few new things from this one.
спасибо за обмен.. ”

“I just LOVE this, the more I look at it, the more I feel connected to her… Just Beautiful!”

“Love ly work.”

“Beautiful thank you so much for sharing”

“Elena this charcoal is beautiful….I love the aura that you captured and surrounded her with as it takes on a very ethereal feel…the water that is behind her is very captivating as I am one who believes in the healing/ rejuvenation you get from it…I see her pleasure and bliss as though she is united and has become one with this element of nature…your title Permeated With Love is perfect because not only did you illustrate it but I can feel it throughout this whole drawing….fantastic job and I love it ”

“This is just amazingly beautiful,,,wonderful charcoal and I really love it”

“You have to love this piece of art. Textures, composition and movement are all sensual and calming.”

“Excellent always”

““Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” Robert A. Heinlein”

“Nice painting dear .. very magical…”

“my pleasure dear your paintings flows so nice and bring so optical enjoyment ..”

“Great drawing, so beautiful ”

“You are such an inspiration…I’ve been writing again…may share soon!! Xoxo have a wonderful day!! ”

“Beautiful – word and picture go so well together.”

“”…the pelting rains that beat me down.” Love this poem. And, Elena your beautiful work has such beautiful movement”

“Beautiful words that match a beautiful picture!! You’re both so talented!”

“Wow ..brilliant words and paint..Good team ”

“This is very nice… permeated forever because my soul is me !”

“”Your creativity never ceases…amazing!