Oil painting “The Bay of Longing” © 2014 Elena Esina

"The Bay of Longing" Oil on Canvas. 41 x 30cm (2014) Artist: Elena Esina

© 2014 Elena Esina “The Bay of Longing” Oil on canvas. 41 x 30cm


 Oil painting “The Bay of Longing” 2014

 38 x 56cm

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Facebook comments to this post:)

“I love how you made the texture on the fabric she’s wearing! It looks so translucent!”

“It’s an oil painting this time, did anyone notice ?”

“Wow. I like working with oils and acrylics. my art very rusty these days”

“Great you like the look of the oil painting ”

“Yes. Absolutely, Elena. The hair and the fabric looks perfect there. Did u do this type [oil] of a drawing first time ?
There are sooo many techniques of drawing !!! How am i going to manage learning everything !!! ”

“This is lovely! I thought your work was already perfect but I think it has gotten even better! This picture has such a lovely face too”

“Surly longings are infinite and ever flowing …. in its own course .”

“Poem by Michelle Irrizarry Leonard – Amazingly describes this moment in my painting ———————————————————————————————-Missing Angel

Broken angel who clipped your lovely wings?
However will you fly again and let me hear you sing?
Your song quenches like rains across the plains…
I will dry up like the grasses and yearn to feel no pain.

Sad angel who stole your sweet, heavenly smile?
To see that beautiful face again, will it be awhile?
Your laughter is heavenly music that I adore…
My ears and heart ache to hear it once more.

Sweet angel who broke your shining heart?
Will it mend, for from you how can I part?
Your love is the light that in my soul does shine
Without it there will only be darkness for all time.

~Copyright Michelle Leonard 2014″

“Your drawing is lovely, Elena, and thank you for including my poem, they go together wonderfully! What a great birthday present!!”

“Your painting is surreal, almost as if she is there but only a vision of herself and only she knows her story… It is beautiful Elena.”

“A stay in fondling….a Bay of Longing….to fill a space – a place to chase away the whips of empty belly-but tongues pleasured tastes , hidden behind a face .. .a face that tells no lack of grace , but deeper looks reveal time took to loosen storm hooks that have become hard to lock now. for whatever tsunami will not allow….whisked away by the Longing somehow…..maybe a find…beneath the sand…..a pull-out by a ‘just in-time’ hand..to under,over,and inner stand….what yesterday……upon the bay….. could not Possibly have had planned. “The Bay Of Longing” for Elena.”

“I truly love this oil on canvas technique. The painting has a surreal feel to it, yet it’s so true to heart. The more I study it, the more I think her expression captures the feeling of the “Missing Angel” poem perfectly. Kudos my talented friend, and I love sharing our creativity”

“Your art is exquisite…”

“Wow great detail can almost reach out and touch her”

“Erotic …so simple … As well as work is cocern … MARVELOUS Elena”