Nude Drawing “The Spring of Clarity”

The Spring of Clarity. Nude Drawing

© 2013 Elena Esina The Spring of Clarity. Charcoal on paper, 11 x 17 inches.


© 2013 Elena Esina
The Spring of Clarity.
Charcoal on paper,
11 x 17 inches.

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Facebook comments to this post:)

“Wonderful art.”

“Truly amazing the spring of clarity where they drink sweet water refining their souls”

“I have been blown away by this one”

“My favorite one, stunning”

“Wow love the glow”

“Your works have a poetry speech in them ”

“I have been watching your works lately they are amazing”

“This one really is amazing”

“Wonderful drawing ! great work of you”

“Beautiful Elena, really well done”

“Terrific . Always different ”

“Magnificent …. Truly Magnificent !!!”

“j’adore tes dessins merci de ton amitié acceptée !!”

“Elena Esina Artist its a alive one.”

“Bella bella belllissima”

“Lovely. Subtle B&W shadings”

“Wow really nice work i like.”

“The zenith of human biology and launch of a hundred thousand poems of romance and happiness!!”

“Elena fantastic work lot of blessings to you”

“Exquisite drawing”

“A seductive beauty!”

“Great work…. Miss Elena !! Congratulation !!”

“Truly amazing!!!”

“Love it!! Beautiful drawing!!”

“Wonderful drawing really”

“molto ben fatto, ma anche molto suggestiva l’idea; sembra una donna che emerge da una cascata di luce, molto sensuale;”

” Elena sei stata bravissima,hai messo in risalto la femminilita’ la grazia e l’eleganza di una donna,la dolcezza del suo corpo,le forme sinuose e perfette…un immagine stupenda!! ..bravissima!!”

“The spirit is flowing”

“I feel like writing a poem . such is the intensity it has on me”

“That’s a very beautiful piece. Very well done. I know it’s a shaded waterfall, but it almost feels like she is stepping into reality from beyond the pale, through the void between the world and bounds of imagination. I like it.”

“If i may call you Elena you trully are adepted in your medium i wish you all the safe hands able to give you now and in the future more wonderment to us”


“Fantástic Elena!”

“Good work good picture!!!”

“Beauty-incredible beauty..very beautiful woman….excellent details”

“Good movement.”

“Hi, Elena: I respect that arts spirit…” the next painting or drawing will always be a better one….that is what an artist will challenge no one but herself or himself!!…You’re really a perfectionist in your drawing…I admire that spirit and I will be learning a lot from you.”

“Superb achievement, a great job … bravo ”

“Splendid artwork this excellent drawing dear friend Elena!”

“Fabulous artwork!”

“Wonderful feminine beauty…fantastic painting”

“your art is really awesome……full of emotions.”

“whenever an artist picks up to paint he paints either what is above all in his mind or what he feels will sell at max but when she paints she tries to open up her covered corners of self to satisfy nd gratify her sense of freedom….a beautiful expression of free fair sex.”

“Beautiful work nice drawing”

“Water is depicted so realistically, the whole image is clear and full of grace…very nice drawing”

“Beautiful and very good drawing!!”

“Sweet and alluring drawing, you are very good”

“Beautiful and imaginative”

“Cool picture this, love it…”