“A Levitating Heart ” Charcoal Drawing


“A Levitating Heart.” 2014

"Levitating Heart" Charcoal Drawing. Artist:  Elena Esina

“Levitating Heart” Charcoal Drawing 36 x 48 cm (2014)
Artist: Elena Elena

Charcoal Drawing

36 x 48 cm

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“Wow this is your work really amazing”

“As usual Elena stunning. What you do with a bit of charcoal is brilliant.”

“Another elegant piece, great work Elena ”

“Brilliant… Magical… You never cease to amaze me Elena… Every drawing teaches so much and something new each time..”

“Beautiful peace of representation and free flow of thought…all love”

“This is one of the best according to me”

“That’s so beautiful and I love the way it’s filled with light ”

“Beautiful. ..angelic!! Bravo my friend!!”

“I want say always i like your art work.charcoal medium”

“She is pure beauty.”

“Another incredible beauty!”

“Lifted and so very free. fantastic.”

“Just so exquisite, thank u Elena Artist”

“It really shows how you love to work with light!:)”

“This is AWESOME!! The shades of light and dark. And the model?”

“First impression …… heavenly devine!”

“Thank you Michelle Irrizarry Leonard for this lovely poem inspired by this drawing Angel of Love
She opens her overflowing heart to all
allowing refreshing and nurturing waters to flow
like the copious river that provides what is needed.
Will the world receive her bounteous gifts willingly,
or close the door on the abundant fruit she offers?
Fiery demons pull at the fringes of her flowing dress,
but they cannot keep her from ascending for
she has so much love to spread that her burning heart
allows her to escape the fingers that claw and scratch at her.
Her wings have been her savior and again and again,
never fully unscathed, yet she rises up above the burning ash
flying ever higher to the angel’s peak from which she descended.
Sunshine bursts from within her and glows for all to see!
Oh those with a heavy heart, when darkness prevails
close not your soul to the love that surrounds you.
Turn your cheek if you must, and leave those who
afflict you behind…let love flow freely and without fear,
for the angel of love and goddess of light will be your guide.
~Poem copyright Michelle Leonard 2014
~”A Levitating Heart” drawing copyright Elena Esina 2014
— with Elena Esina Artist.”