Dry brush oil on paper “The Flow of Love”


Dry brush oil on paper “The Flow of Love”

© 2014 Elena Esina

 Dry brush oil on paper,"The Flow of Love", Elena Esina

© 2014 Elena Esina “The Flow of Love” Dry brush oil on paper. 38 x 56cm

 38 x 56cm

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“Windows of the Soul

Open the window to your soul
let the radiant sun shine in and
reach the dark corners there…
Turn away from those who
cast shadows upon your soul
let in those who bring light into your life.

Open the door to your mind
allowing new ideas to be born….
Surround yourself with positive thoughts
ignore the negative ones and turn your back
on those who don’t appreciate you.
Share the talents with which you’ve been blessed.

Open your eyes to the world around you
appreciate the beauty and goodness of our world
and God’s creativity in His creation
even when evil seems abundant…
It is then you should look into the eyes of your loved ones
for reassurance, for protection, for needed warmth.

Open the secret entrance to your heart
accept love and let it flow in and out freely
for love is truly our greatest gift and
spread love to others so they shall pass it on…
you’ll get back what you give, and sometimes more.
Live life to the fullest each day, for tomorrow is uncertain.

~Copyright Michelle Leonard 2013″

“I love your art…. Ur work r oswwwmmmm….may god bless u”

“What can I say? I absolutely love it!!! Your picture is beyond beautiful, and you have done something that no one has ever done before…embraced my words and given them a kind of life they’ve never seen…the beauty in the mind that we hope one sees. You are so gifted, and I am honored to have inspired such lovely work. When I look into her eyes, I see the love I am filled with, the love I hope I give out to the world, and the love that I hope always comes back to me.

With sincere love, appreciation, and gratitude,


“Never ending flow of love from artist/poet/writer to the audience , into the world and back as inspiration”

“Hey, Elena: Wow wow wow!!! love this one , love those translucency effect….and the lighting on her beautiful face is outstanding…love her smile and expression…thumbs up job…well done… thanks for sharing…”

“I love your work, you are wonderful”

“Floating to me with the energy of love”

“Very nice art work!”

“Oh i see ..good to hear that you enhance the picture you see with your imagination and draw Elena.. thanks for sharing dear”