Dry brush oil on paper “A Sacred Place”

Dry Brush Oil Painting. Artist Elena Esina

© 2014 Elena Esina “A Sacred Place” Dry brush oil on paper. 33 x 24 cm

© 2014 Elena Esina “A Sacred Place” Dry brush oil on paper. 33 x 24 cm

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Facebook comments to this post:)

” xlnt very talented…beautiful work!”

“”…In a sacred place
Where time dissolves, where space dissolves,
What is left is you and me.
We are eternity…” by an Anonymous Poet”


“Hi, Elena: Fearless to explore and to use new arts techniques , continue to challenge oneself to the higher and higher level….commit oneself to enjoy the joy of arts…..the passion…..are all those qualities that distinguish yourself in your pursuit of your creation in arts…..to be greater and greater in your arts creation……in this painting , you had achieved a new level of exploring the interplay of light and shadow , establishing the translucency in the very beautiful way……love this one and very inspirational to me ….bravo bravo !”

“This is lovely, and an interesting effect”

“One of my favourites Elena, mind you they are all truly amazing!”

“Glowing and taking in the serene magic.”

“My Sacred Place
A sacred place for me to walk
To listen, then with spirits talk
Whilst waves are thundering below
I feel the earths sweet afterglow

The air so fresh and crystal clear
Breathe in, as many souls appear
Within these crumbled castle walls
I wait awhile, as evening falls

A sanctuary of the mind
Deliverence is what I find
To feel the peace of days gone by
Secrets uttered within a sigh

The grass, dew kissed beneath my feet
My mind and body feels complete
As I awake to greet the dawn
I hear the rocks of ages yawn

Tintagel Castle, once so strong
Is home to me, where I belong
A sacred place close by the sea
The day awakes to welcome me.
© Gwenevere”