Charcoal Drawing “Illuminating Innocence” (2013)

Charcoal Drawing. Illuminating Innocence. Artist Elena Esina

© 2013 Elena Esina Illuminating Innocence. Charcoal on paper, 11 x 17 inches.


© 2013 Elena Esina
Illuminating Innocence.
Charcoal on paper,
11 x 17 inches.

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Facebook comments to this post:

“I like your charcoal drawings”

“Stupendous . Magic in charcoal drawings.”

“Truly beautiful charcoal drawing”

“Talent always praised and appraised dear Elena I feel it’s Charcoal drawing is it..on canson paper??”



“Beautiful charcoal drawing!”

“That’s beautiful drawing Elena Esina”

“Wow!!!Elena it’s fantastic charcoal drawing…; )”

“I find total enthusiasm by looking at your charcoal drawings, the way you put the look in the eyes is tremendous…”

“First impression ….. bend in innocence? Yeah. illumanating glance ……….”

“Wonderful Elena Esina”

“Ci regali sempre soggetti Vivi./.che hanno un’anima /Non Muta./ Matite magiche.. tratto indiscutibile…Una nota malinconica rende ancor piu’ bello questo tuo lavoro..”

“Excellent drawing”

“Excellent work!!!”

“Very nice rendering”

“”You really captured her essence”"

“You captured the innocence”

“Just beautiful Elena..wish you could do my book covers..xx”

“So nice”

“Looks like she’s excited and about to loose her innocence..”

“Love her…”

“I don’t think you even realize how talented you are Elena.”

“Exquisite sense of vulnerability.”

“Excellent drawing”

“Nice work”

“Truly beautiful charcoal drawing”

“Very pretty!”

” Great artwork. The budding breasts and the see through dress adds to the idea of innocence.. sort of supports the luminescence in her eyes.”

“She’s caught somewhere in the middle, very nice drawing!!!”

“Very well done with the shading.”

“You have talent Elena.”

“Very beautiful very taken care of compliments”

“Lovely.. It really reflects innocence!”

“Elena ci regali sempre dei soggetti vivi..Soggetti che hanno un anima Non Muta,.. Complimenti”

“Wow super and you are great artist and real princess”

“Your work gone beyond my criticism! so i’m not going to comment anything! simply i like it and i love her look”

“Wow this is amazing”

“Superb artwork”

“I was looking through all of your artworks yesterday. It is AMAZING in its detail Elena! I think your nudes are stunning! This piece is exceptional!!”

” Fantastic drawing”

“I love the play on shadows!”

“Hola Elena Esina, excelente trabajo cargado de gran expresiòn y belleza! Saludos”