Charcoal Drawing “Facing the Tide of Life” (2013)

Charcoal Drawing Facing the Tide of Life


© 2013 Elena Esina
Facing the Tide of Life
Charcoal on paper,
11 x 17 inches.

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Facebook comments to this post:

“First impression ….. a proud and profound personality! One of your best works? There is much grace!”

“Another jem! beautiful.”

“Super charcoal drawing”

“Amazing drawing Elena”

“Great art i like this very much”

“Awesome drawing”

“Beautiful artwork”

“Wow this is beautiful!”

“Another awesome picture Elena! I remain in awe of your skill!”

“Silence takes over!”

“Brilliant work”

“This is a superb drawing! Congratulations, Elena!”

“Wow! Beautiful drawing, Elena.”

“Striking image”

” This art work is extraordinarily spellbinding. This snippet of feminine beauty is laden of symbolism. According with the title, this image represents the human being, facing the innumerable challenges in life, apparently defenseless, just with the internal weapons of faith, good will, inner strength, education, experience, goal oriented, strong desires to progress, etc. Meantime, we, as human beings, have the spiritual side, that makes us more sensitive, conscious, and aware, that we have to create an appropriate environment, where to live without destroying the other’s rights to earn enough for their own.”