Charcoal Drawing. “Blinding Rays of Passion” (2013)

Charcoal Drawing. Blinding Rays of Passion. Artist Elena Esina

© 2013 Elena Esina, Blinding Rays of Passion. Charcoal on paper, 11 x 17 inches.


© 2013 Elena Esina
Blinding Rays of Passion.
Charcoal on paper, 11 x 17 inches.

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“Very nice! You certainly have a good understanding of how to use charcoal…”

“Elena you have captured the desire of any man that desires this, spectacular!”

“Simply awe-inspiring Elena”

“Лицо и волосы идеально.”

“Beautiful charcoal drawing”

“Disegni incantevoli amo il tuo disegno”

“Love your charcoal drawings”

“Once again your talent leaves me breathless and speechless!”

“Another amazing work!”

“Very lovely drawing Elena”

“Very nice drawing”

“Excellent art”

“A temporary affliction caused by the power of your artwork Elena! Inspired, In Awe, Impressed!”

“Awesome art”

“Complimenti, tutti bei lavori,una mano felicissima”

“Very beautiful dear Elena”

“Wooow very nice art”

“Elena, I want to see your original artwork. your art is really different.”

“Great work, nice art, I likes this very much”

“Love ur art ”

“Superb drawing!!!”

“It’s beyond reality!”

“Great drawing”

“Very nice beautiful torch”

“Beautiful work.”

“Soul to soul, your drawings,x”

“Blinding Rays of Passion”

“Elena, this is a grandiose feminine figure, and a snippet of beauty in its maximum expression.”

“Very Beautiful! Love this one! ”

“I like the similarity of the rendering of the hair and garment. Very unique study.”

“Very,very dedicated/love it!!”

“A gorgeous work! Great depth of expression!”

“Thank you, the choice is so delicate and subtle, so that we are refreshed juto, a good day for you and good energy……………………………..”

“You have made this drawing wow amazing”

“Heavenly expression, I like your art! Strong, vivid, engaging spiritual drawings with grace in magnitude!”

“Nowadays i have no words for describe ur art! i have used my all words for ur previous arts! simply awesome”

“Bellissimo, Elena!!!… complimenti!!”

“The light of passion illuminates the shadows in our lives. Poetry for me is the delicate dance between my passion for words and the darkness of doubt within myself. On the razor’s edge between the two I find Love for one particular woman, inspiration from everything she does, and the desire to make her happy. The poetry flows from that. (Thank you for the drawing Elena.”

“Wow! In complete awe of your work: Beautiful”

“Magnifica obra Felicidades Elena Esina.Gracias por compartir .”

“Wonderful! totally captures the beauty of a woman!”

“Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us!”

“Wow Elena – that is magnificent!”

“That has to be the best ever,WoW.”

“I am in awe of your feeling for the moment”

“Congratulations for your excellent artwork and very beautiful and sensual drawing dear friend Elena !”

“FANTASTICA obra,muy buen trabajo con mucho talento…Felicitaciones y abrazos”

“Sensual and exotic charcoal drawing of female beauty, lovely artwork by Elena Esina Artist,thank u for exhibiting.”

” Attractive and interesting drawing Elena,again thank u 4 sharing”

“With charcoal… i cant imagine of doing something like this.. nice”

” I saw ur other sketches too.. all using charcoal.. every single pic shows how talented u are.”

“I can not put on like all your work ’cause fb sent me a notification that if I continue to put like stopping me! I would like to put on all your works, they are all beautiful! congratulations! I will as soon as possible ‘! hello”


“Love Your Art Work”

“Simply class. You deserve it,its a class collection”

“Nice and sexy”

“Nice and sexy”

“This is so mysterious and magical”

“Fabulous piece … just lovely”


“THE WAY U APPROACHED it …just stirs the emotions…dang i could go on n on …it is a stunning life/painting”

“Just the right amount of light …and flow of the material… girl this soooooo good”

” Super job . This is just a marvelous charcoal piece . I want to put her in my Gimp and see what variations I can come up with . Digital is great with charcoal pieces as a base . I am always amazed at how artists like you control the charcoal so well .”

“That’s beautiful work Elena”

” Hi, Elena: magnificent drawing showing power of charcoal medium to establish the superb transparency effect and lights on the subjects….you had absolutely captured the perfection in the beauty of female body form!!! Superb job!”

” Hi, Elena: You will surely inspire me to pick up my charcoals ( black and white ) or even my favorite pastel again to do some drawing…you know my style also, I love drawing or painting women also….this one is truly one of my very favorite…if any drawing or painting has the capability to strike the chords of your viewers’ senses and hearts…in my definition…of arts ..:))) only mine…that is a great drawing! my Chinese hat is off to you!!”

“I am so honored and so proud to select the 2nd magnificent charcoal drawing of Elena Esina.

With her faultless techniques of charcoal drawing , the translucent effect , the sensual and the aesthetic beauty of female body form are absolutely rendered in perfection by Elena ! In my own term of great arts, my own opinion only….this one is the great drawing of Elena Esina. I am sure this drawing will take your breath away and will surely strike the chords of your heart! Bravo bravo !!!

Arts collectors out there, contact us to start collecting her artworks……!!! Ok

Gilbert Lam of Artscanyon “