Charcoal Beautiful Drawing “An Affectionate Rustling”


Nude Drawing. An Affectionate Rustling. Artist Elena Esina

“An Affectionate Rustling” Charcoal Drawing 36 x 48 cm (2014)
Artist: Elena Elena

“Affectionate Rustling” 2014

Charcoal Nude Drawing

36 x 48 cm

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“She is beautiful.. as usual”

“It is top ! Fabulous … and the woman looks so mature … and the atmosphere is very dreamy … just an opinion”

“Amazingly beautiful drawing!”

“thank you this is magnificent work, and fantastic use of lighting,
I just love this one it’s one of my favorites:)<3″

“I like the shadows, I like the forms… all is enigmatic and mysterious”

” Elena this is stunning…there is always such healing energy within water and I love how it feels like she is standing in a cascading waterfall behind her…It honestly looks as though she is starting to merge with it and become one as well as more and she is at peace because where she is she no longer wants to be and so she is slowly fading into the mists of the water…Love this beautiful drawing”

“Nice one Elena. Done it again girl. Like. X”

“First impression …… natural beauty!”

“Raw beauty and talent…lovely work, my friend!”

“Another sensual beauty! thank you.”

“I don’t know how you keep improving on perfection Elena. I am just glad that you do! Magnificent.”

“Awesome…nights were long and it was written by her poems.”

“Wonderful work Elena”

“Absolutely beautiful drawing!”

“The end

a closed door is an open one

in making the next step

here meets the end the beginning

mostly we realise it afterwards

that the steps already are made

waiting for nothing

the end meets the beginning

as a birth to renew

everything starts all over

in making the new drama again

full of life and passion

that we never regret the sorrow

paradise is the breath we take

each breath a little closer

in trusting the end

(copyrights, ameen, 2014)”

“Nice drawing, I is beautiful”

“Beautifully done! Sensual and lovely! You’re so talented, my friend! ”

“I think that it’s a beautiful drawing of art Elena ”

“Touches your inner being. Andarouses your sexual curiosity. Very alluring and classic touch.leaving you wanting more.”

“Good work Elena, attractive!!”

“Dear Elena …woww….so sensual and beautiful and special ”

“Beautiful, Elena! My own work has similarities. Would you be ok with me sharing a piece of my Raku torso work on your site?”

“Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.”

“Wonderful drawing & sensual too.”