“Breathing In The Silence of Dusk” Charcoal Drawing by Elena Esina


Charcoal drawing. Breathing In The Silence of Dusk

“Breathing In The Silence of Dusk” Charcoal Drawing 36 x 48 cm (2014)
Artist: Elena Elena

“Breathing In The Silence of Dusk” 2014

Charcoal Drawing

36 x 48 cm

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Facebook comments to this post:)

“Wonderful ! Elena… even before i read the mention of dusk in the title i felt it in that image (FYI.. this is in spite of it being 1.14 in the afternoon here !! )…. you have achieved the efffect of the calm and cool breeze that blows during dusk incredibly well…. and ofcourse her hands …. now i m kinda obsessed the way you do the muscles on the hands…its incredible…”

“Ohhh …. Another great pice of art Elena …. Simply beautiful …”

“Elena, it is beautiful! Every detail is so precise. It’s as if she is controlling the wind. Stunning sweetie!! ”

“Breathtakingly beautiful always Elena Thank you for sharing ”

“Elena Esina Artist Jurgen Uiterdijk Thank you for the poem —-silence

in the silence to have

and in the silence to go

is the way to move

finding my way to obey

in all the matters of the heart

each moment a new start

each moment a new breath

each moment a new step

each moment is new

nothing to renew

only appearance

only blessings

silence to silence

breath by breath


(copyrights, ameen, 2014)”

“So not static. Flowing gracefully.”

“Stunning!!!! I absolutely love it!!! ”

“Truly beautiful … I know John Francis Bell would love it!”

“One of the best of a great many wonderful drawings of yours.”

“Incredible ))))))”

“its so full of depth, and even though its dusk, you still utilize the given light tremendously, I love this one Elena. :) <3″

“So pure, so lovely and refreshing like the evening warm wind…. ”

“Absolutely brilliant. As ever the detail is wonderful, the different shades, just brilliant. x.”

” I think I might have to buy this one too! .. love it!”

“First impression …… close harmony in all!”

“Beautiful work”

“Dear Elena , I would like to meet you in the near future and talk about your art . Please email me if you have time for coffee meeting”

“Very nice Elena, I think this is one of your best. Evokes a mood of witsful thought on first look. Kudos.”

“Really nice .Always i am enjoying your art works.”

“Another incredibly beautiful sensual work. thank you.”

” This one is really nice . Lovely perspective , subtle and soothing beauty .Foreground , mid-ground , background and figure all nicely complimenting each other ( complimenting ? I often forget which of the two words to use ) …but you know what I mean .”

” I’m always in awe of your work Elena. You get such perfect perspective. This one gives me a feeling of mysticism and spirituality.”

“Awesome ! what a talented hand in Artistry….”

“Its so superb…create the emotions….”

“Elena I am not sure if you were able to see my Comment in Soul Walking or not and wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to read it…I really loved the landscape as at dusk it allows us to unwind and think about our day and reflect on what all we did, didn’t get done, but also the things that really got to us…and as I look at her it feels like she has latched onto something deep that affected her enough that she is replaying it on one of the wheat stalks and waiting for maybe the moon to give her answers that the sun refused to reveal…she looks and feels so lonely that even the wind is trying to gently caress her and let her know she is not alone and as the clouds gather in the sky overhead it prepares to drop the rain so when the tears fall no passerby will be able to tell between the tears and the water and in turn as both fall the ground it will seep in and be used to ensure more vegetation grows to remind her always that from some heartbreaking moments beauty can still emerge and life will continue.. this is a very thought provoking piece and I love it “