About Artist

 Artist Elena EsinaArtist’s Bio
Elena Esina was born 1983 in Russia. Every summer during her childhood years, Elena was surrounded by the pure nature of Russia’s wild forests, rivers, lakes and the ocean. All this beauty was the very essence that influenced Elena; driving her to express her heart and soul through her art and ultimately becoming an artist!

Elena moved to New Zealand when she was 12. Drawing was Elena’s fascination and she passionately perused art throughout her school years. During the years at the university she studied surrealism, portraiture and life drawing. Elena loved female surrealist and the classic masters: Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. She created a series of self portraits and a series of colorful, surreal oil paintings.

Determined and very enthusiastic, Elena received a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. For the past 10 years Elena has been working on her style and is frequently asked to create commission pieces nationally and internationally. Elena decided to go back to basics and she realized how much depth a black and white image can portray. Charcoal is currently Elena’s medium. “It is amazing what can be done with just charcoal!”

Female form and the mystery of femininity has always influenced Elena to paint or draw women and anyone that has seen her work knows she has achieved this brilliantly. Elena began with self portraits and thereafter created surreal romantic nudes.

“It is not the physical body that interests me most. It is the moment of transition into the unknown, where you are all by yourself and getting a glimpse of the mystery of life itself.” Elena Esina

Elena Esina Exhibitions:

2003, 2004, 2005: AUT (Auckland University) Auckland City, New Zealand.

2005 : Art Show, Italian Restaurant, Auckland City, New Zealand

2006: New Zealand Affordable Art Show, Wellington, New Zealand.

2007: Art Work on Show at Shag Gallery, 95 Shag Point Road, RD2, East Otago, New Zealand (owner James Russell).

2010 – 2012: Art Show Fundraising Events in St Hilliers, Auckland, New Zealand.

Artist Statement

A woman is an infinite well of inspiration.

The mystery of a woman: her untamed passion, nurturing nature, her inner wisdom, grace, captivating curves of her body. Her unique enigmatic essence holds our gaze and thought, encouraging us to reflect upon our own emotions and set of mind.

“Although often depicted as a woman, she is none, and she is all of them…She is the mystery of the life-giving and life-taking rhythm of nature, the great void and well of endless possibilities. She is the high priestess of tarot, able to look behind the veil and sense hidden realities..” Anja Heij

The women depicted in Elena’s art work are more than just beautiful young bodies, they convey strong emotions: transcending the material world, getting lost in deep thoughts and the hidden realities, reaching a higher state of consciousness. The viewer attracted by the feminine forms is placed into the position of a silent witness, watching the surreal scene, feeling the emotions and thoughts stirring up in their mind.

Each detailed drawing is created on watercolour paper with Charcoal, one of the oldest tools of the masters. Charcoal gives a large tonal range to an experienced artist, but does not allow for mistakes. It is permanent but fragile. This tender medium makes each piece even more precious as those intimate moments transcend reality.